People began fly fishing for trout on the stream at Rockwell Springs in the mid 1880’s. At that time the stream was a raceway for a mill and the fish were introduced as a side line. By 1900 steam power had eliminated the need for the mill and the property was purchased for the purpose of establishing a fly fishing Club. While the Club has evolved over the last 100 plus years, with the addition of facilities for dining and overnight accommodations... is the stream, the fish within the stream and the challenge of catching the fish on a fly that has and continues to define the Club.

Tim Ryan Brown
Our stream is fed by a spring that surfaces on the Club’s property. The flow averages around 4,500 gallons per minute and the water comes up from the spring at 48 degrees all year round. The Club owns a hatchery where we raise brook, brown, rainbow and tiger trout (a brook X brown hybrid) which are stocked to our stream throughout the year. The average size of the fish stocked is around a pound and a third, but we do stock a fair number of larger fish. You can view some pictures of some of the bigger fish that have been caught on the “Fish Pics” page.

the average size of the fish stocked
is around a
pound and a third

​Rockwell Springs is one of the few places where one has a reasonable chance to land brook, brown, rainbow and tiger trout, and we recognize those who land one of each species in the same day with a Rockwell Springs Grand Slam pin.